Davbroz Safe ‘T’ Suction


The Australian made Davbroz Safe-T-Suction provides a safe vacuum connection point for manual or automatic pool cleaners. Safe-T-Suction is ideal for wet-edge, wet-deck and vanishing-edge pools where a skimmer box is not installed.

Safe-T-Suction can be built into the pool wall using the Dress Ring, which provides for a flush fitting appearance. While the vacuuming port is not being used, water is drawn in through safety suction outlets connected to the auxiliary port on the Safe-T-Suction.




[one_half]Problem: On standard wet-edge pools, there is no
skimmer box installed. Therefore there is no easy or safe
way to install a suction pool cleaner or to manually vacuum
the pool or catch tank.


[one_half_last]Solution: Install the Davbroz Safe-T-Suction. This will
provide for a safe vacuum connection point for manual or
automatic pool cleaning. A three-way valve and check
valve need to be installed.

2 [/one_half_last] Safety
Serious injury in swimming pools has occurred from suction entrapment. With the Safe-T-Suction system installed, swimmers are in no danger if the pool cleaner hose becomes disconnected.

Safe-T-Suction Location
It may be convenient to locate the Davbroz Safe-T-Suction close to the spa, catch tank, water feature or pond to assist your manual vacuuming needs. This is no problem, as Safe-T-Suction can be installed anywhere in the main suction line and is often positioned in inconspicuous locations such as the garden or plant room.

Connection with Skimmer Box
Safe-T-Suction top box can be installed in conjunction with a skimmer box on the same flow line. Locate the Safe-T-Suction in the most convenient location to enable the suction pool cleaner to work best with reduced hose length. The Safe-T-Suction connector can be set to fine-tune the speed of the pool cleaner whilst still allowing the skimmer box to remove leaves and debris from the pool surface. Now the Skimmer can always be positioned to where it was designed to go to surface skim the pool.
The SSR100 Davbroz Safe-T-Suction is supplied with the Top Box Assembly and the Cleaner Connector.
The SSR110 Dress Ring is an optional extra. Davbroz Safe-T-Suction may be fitted in or out of the pool shell.